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2017 Annual Appeal - A Rousing Success

We began 2017 with a goal. At the time, we told ourselves it was a lofty goal but one that signified the financial need agencies like us are left with on a regular basis after state and federal funding has been allocated to our clients. As the weeks passed we were delighted to see that our community was stepping up and donating to help us reach our goal. Now that the year has ended and the figures have been calculated we are happy to report that we not only reached our original goal of $10,000, but surpassed it with a final total of $14,865. While we were shocked on one hand to reach this goal, on the other it didn't surprise us at all. Over the years, L.I.F.E. Inc. has fostered an environment of inclusion, love, care, and individuality not unlike that of a nuclear family. This idea of being part of the "L.I.F.E. family" is evident throughout everything we do - from the way we connect potential employees to the clients at the programs they will be working, to the specialized focus of each of our support coordinators, to the way we match new clients to the day programs they will work and the residential program they will live, one thing rings true, a sense of being in a family. And this campaign is a great showcase of how this family stepped up and helped us provide well-rounded services and experiences for all the individuals we supported in 2017!

And as we start 2018, we want to take a moment to remind you that this need is ongoing. Until major changes to the way funds are allocated to our clients in relation to necessary staffing levels, we will constantly be working to close the funding gap these individual allocations from the State of Rhode Island create. Soon we will be releasing details on our 2018 Annual Appeal and hope we can count on everyone in our L.I.F.E. family to help us reach and surpass our fund raising goals for 2018!

Our Reward Levels

As a thank you for those that donated to our 2017 Annual Appeal, we gave away some great thank you gifts

  • Those who donated at least $25 received a commemorative L.I.F.E. Inc. coffee mug
  • Those who donated at least $50 received a L.I.F.E. Inc. t-shirt
  • Those who donated at least $75 received a set of Top Drawer art postcards
  • Those who donated at least $100 received a commemorative L.I.F.E. Inc. canvas tote bag
  • Those who donated at least $250 received a L.I.F.E. laptop bag
  • Those who donated above $500 received all of the gifts listed above

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Andrew Wiedenhofer

Andrew Wiedenhofer P.R. & Marketing Manager

Andrew has been the Public Relations and Communications Manager for L.I.F.E. Inc. since 2007. He has a background in business management, marketing, information technology, and customer service.