A Successful First Savers FUNDrive

Our First Partnership with Savers Generates Over $400

Savers FUNDrive

We are happy to announce that our first partnership with Savers through their FUNDrive program was a great success! With only a week's notice, we reached out to our dedicated community of famlies, friends, employees, and local businesses to ask for clothing and household donations that could be sold through local Savers Stores. The response was heartwarmingly immense. Within days, the collection locations at our main office in Bristol, The BRASS in Warren, and at each of our ten residential programs began to fill to capacity. At the end of the drive we dropped off four van-fulls of items to the Savers, located in Fall River. Our collective donations raised over $400, which will be deposited into our Special Needs Fund to be used for items and experiences for the individuals we support that are not otherwised covered by state and federal funding. Thank you to everyone who donated during this drive!

Oh No! I didn't get a chance to donate!!

First, don't worry - due to the success of this Savers FUNDrive we will definitely be doing another one in the future. Keep your eye on announcements in your email and you'll be able to donate your unwanted clothes and household items to our drive in the future.

Second, the other way you can help us is to donate directly to our Special Needs Fund. To donate online click here. Every cent you donate will go directly to the individuals we support.

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