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No donation is too small to help create fulfilling lives

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Living In Fulfilling Environments (L.I.F.E.), Inc. is continually seeking financial contributions to help us achieve our goal of improving the lives and well being of the people we support. The financial assistance we receive directly benefits the individuals we support and helps pay for the services or activities not otherwise paid for through government funding. Our deepest gratitude to all those who contribute to L.I.F.E. Inc. There are a variety of ways you can donate:

Non-Profit Grants

The L.I.F.E. Inc. Grant Committee is continually seeking funding from appropriate grant-making foundations to cover the gaps in federal funding. If you're aware of a grant-making foundation you think we should consider, please contact Liz Wiedenhofer, our grant-writing facilitator. And thank you for your consideration.


At various times throughout the year, L.I.F.E. Inc. conducts fund-raising campaigns aimed to raise the funds necessary to offer the exceptional range of services we do in an organized method. Each year, we conduct an Annual Appeal as our chief fund-raiser. As a thank you to everyone donor, we offer rewards based on level of giving. Check out the Annual Appeal Fund Drive for more information. In addition to this large fund raiser, L.I.F.E. Inc. also provides opportunities for focused giving for specialized needs in the agency. You can find more information on these efforts by going to our Causes section.

Recurring Donations

In addition to our formal fund-raising campaigns, many people choose to give to L.I.F.E. Inc. in a more structured, long-lasting manner. By giving donations that last throughout the year, people and businesses are able to break up a large donation into smaller, monthly increments. As always, since we are a 501(c)3 charity, all donations are tax-deductible. If you would like more information on sustained giving please contact Andrew Wiedenhofer, our Public Relations Director.

Planned Estate Giving

In life's hardest of times, there are still ways to be able to give to L.I.F.E. Inc.'s efforts. During your estate planning, you can elect to bequeath a portion of your assets to L.I.F.E. Inc. as either a one-time gift after you have passed or have a portion of your assets placed in a trust to be allocated to L.I.F.E. Inc. on an annual basis. Talk to your attorney to find out specifically what preparations you would have to make now in order to ensure your wished are carried out correctly after you pass.

If you are unable to include these wishes in your estate planning, L.I.F.E. Inc. can be elected as your designated charitable donation in lieu of flowers. For assistance in coordinating this effort please contact Andrew Wiedenhofer, our Public Relations Director.

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